Pipepline monitoring and maintenace

Coatings / Barriers / Insulation / CUI prevention / Maintenance / Corrosion Control

HVAC market -

Weather proofing systems

Proclad150 range – Silver, White, Black, Embossed, Grey

Proclad Plus range – Silver, Embossed, White, Black


Adhesive Tapes

GT30 – 30 micron aluminium foil tape primarily used to complete vapour barrier to insulation materials.

GTR55 – A 5mm x 5mm square scrim tape primarily used on insulated board systems requiring extra mechanical strength to the joints.

Internal coverings

GTRB65 – A matt black 5mm x 5mm vapour retarder facing for internal use only, provides the matt black finish helping to hide the installation from view especially within ceiling applications.


Corrosion Prevention Products




The Process Market -


Weather proofing systems

Proclad150 Range

Proclad Plus Range


Cryogenic Vapour Barriers


Proclad MF – 3ply laminate material applied over cold insulation to provide a zero perm rated vapour barrier.


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