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    Weatherproof Jacketing & Insulation Cladding Solutions


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    of premium self adhesive aluminium foil jointing and sealing tapes

    For Asbestos Abatement, Construction, HVAC, Process Plant, Marine & Offshore Markets

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    We supply specialised materials for managing and mitigating corrosion issues in the Oil and Gas process industry.

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  • Jacketing Solutions
  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Anti Corrosion


Premium Products

We're growing and so is our formidable range of weatherproof jacketing solutions, aluminium foil adhesive tapes and anti-corrosion products.

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Premium Quality Jacketing Solutions

ProTech Global Ltd was established in 2016 to supply a specialist range of innovative products to provide weatherproof jacketing to insulated systems across a wide range of industries including HVAC and the process industry.

We also supply a range of innovative solutions to help control corrosion within Construction, HVAC, Process and Marine & Offshore markets. Please contact us for more information on any of these areas.

Our market leading range of PROCLAD products include PROCLAD150™️ & PROCLAD350™️ PLUS

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PROCLAD150™ is the premium quality multi-layered weatherproof jacketing system

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PROCLAD350™ has a proven multi-layer construction providing unprecedented features

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adhesive tapes

Adhesive Tapes

We supply premium aluminium foil jointing tapes for use in HVAC & construction industries.

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Recent Projects

ProTech Global Ltd.

We are ProTech Global, innovators in premium grade weatherproof jacketing systems, aluminium foil adhesive tapes and anti-corrosion products, welcome to our website. There’s a lot happening right now and we want to share it with you, so come on in and take a look around, we’d love to hear your opinions.

Our  Focus


Our focus is to continually expand and improve upon our range of industry leading products and services for HVAC and pipeline maintenance, to include corrosion control, coverings, CUI protection, monitoring and treatment. We work with world renowned product specialists to achieve this, and look forward to launching an expanded range of premium weatherproof jacketing, corrosion protection coatings, and adhesive tapes to gloabal markets in due course.

We will continue to focus on our popular Proclad150™ and Proclad350™ PLUS, and aluminium foil jointing tape ranges and will be expanding our inventory held in our warehouse to provide best-in-class order fulfillment for our global customer base.

Green Credentials


ProTech Global seeks to lower the impact on the environment, we currently recycle 100% of our PROCLAD™️ & adhesive tape packing materials (that can be recycled) that are either returned to us or generated in our warehousing operation.

We are moving to non-bleached/brown cardboard packaging for all our PROCLAD™️ & adhesive tape packing materials and will accept any of our waste packaging materials back to our warehouse for recycling.

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  • As a company we always propose PROCLAD150™ on an open forum/British Standard Specification and will continue to do so.

    Gill and ProTech have always partnered and will carry on going forward.

    Richard Drew
    Richard Drew Group Managing Director
  • Proclad150 is our preferred multi-layered laminate for both external and internal applications as required and due to it’s unique outer layer we are able to use with confidence in a wide range of environmental situations that other alternatives products can’t be used and we have the confidence of high quality materials and long term performance.

    Dan Crawley
    Dan Crawley Director
  • GT30R "A well thought out quality product, ProTech have managed to produce a cost effective solution with a superior sticking power even in damp conditions"

    Sam Mortimore
    Sam Mortimore Director

We work with the
best distributors and stockists

We’re building a reputation as one of the best independent company’s in our diverse industry, supplying globally a unique premium ramnge of jacketing and adhesive tapes, and we couldn’t do that without the excellent service of stockist and distributor network.

Are you a stockist or distributor of weatherproof jacketing or insulated cladding systems, or looking to expand your current product range of adhesive tapes, or even looking to diversify into anti-corrosion products? We’re looking to build the best business relations and invite you to get in touch.

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ProTech Global

Specialist Insulation Jacketing Solutions

Over the years, we’ve been able to build a reputation as one of the best independent company's in our industry, supplying premium weatherproof jacketing & insulation cladding systems, aluminium foil jointing adhesive tapes, and anti-corrosion control products across multiple markets. Those interested to work with us in any field relating to our work are encouraged to contact us by way of telephone or e-mail by using the contact form to obtain more information.


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