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To access the content listed above and more, including technical data sheets and installation guides, please search for your resource below.

As well as being listed here you are welcome to download our documentation from the relevant product page. Please use the menu to navigate between the different product types.

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Version Description Size Hits Download
V3.0 ProButyl MF Brochure 6.41 MB 31 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD Antibacterial Coating Brochure 425.73 KB 52 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD Preformed Brochure 1.36 MB 100 Download


Version Description Size Hits Download
V1.3 ProTech Global Catalogue 2021 1.72 MB 102 Download

Installation Guides

Version Description Size Hits Download
V1.0 PROCLAD 100 Installation Guide 163.28 KB 69 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD 150 Installation Guide 164.17 KB 137 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD 350 Installation Guide 165.57 KB 57 Download

POS Material

Version Description Size Hits Download
V1.0 A5 Tape Flyer 1.93 MB 62 Download
V1.1 Tape Comparison Chart 125.74 KB 37 Download

Product Photographs

Version Description Size Hits Download
V1.0 GT30HT Product Images 932.43 KB 67 Download
V1.0 GT30R Product Images 1.24 MB 66 Download
V1.0 GT40HT Product Image 302.31 KB 57 Download
V1.0 GT50HT Product Image 83.13 KB 51 Download
V1.0 GTB65 Product Image 328.30 KB 60 Download
V1.0 GTR55 Product Images 411.26 KB 59 Download
V1.0 GT1585HT Product Image 260.43 KB 41 Download
V1.0 GT1625HT Product Image 343.55 KB 51 Download
V1.0 GT8025HT Product Image 124.74 KB 55 Download
V1.0 MB30 Product Image 127.92 KB 80 Download
V1.0 MF65 Product Image 112.06 KB 60 Download
V1.0 TIC30 Product Images 361.23 KB 69 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD PLUS™️ Preformed 4.39 MB 64 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD150™ Product Images 480.41 KB 61 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD350™ Product Images 268.68 KB 59 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD PLUS Tape™ Product Image 135.42 KB 55 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD T™ Tape Product Images 267.11 KB 57 Download

Material Safety Data Sheets

Version Description Size Hits Download
V1.2 GT30HT Material Safety Data Sheet 201.20 KB 81 Download
V1.1 GTR55 Material Safety Data Sheet 200.88 KB 66 Download
V1.0 PRO Gen Material Safety Data Sheet 199.99 KB 50 Download
V1.1 PROCLAD T Material Safety Data Sheet 194.12 KB 38 Download
V1.2 PROCLAD100 Material Safety Data Sheet 199.72 KB 18 Download
V1.2 PROCLAD150 Material Safety Data Sheet 199.54 KB 44 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD350 Material Safety Data Sheet 258.54 KB 64 Download
V1.1 PROCLAD350 PLUS Material Safety Data Sheet 195.04 KB 29 Download
V1.1 TIC30 Material Safety Data Sheet 200.80 KB 49 Download

Technical Data Sheets

Version Description Size Hits Download
V1.0 GT30HT TDS 140.93 KB 103 Download
V1.1 GT30R TDS 175.75 KB 59 Download
V1.0 GT40HT TDS 141.32 KB 42 Download
V1.0 GT50HT TDS 141.37 KB 53 Download
V1.0 GT50HT TDS USA 141.50 KB 49 Download
V1.0 GTB65 TDS 140.78 KB 53 Download
V1.1 GTR55 TDS 163.72 KB 56 Download
V1.0 GT1585HT TDS 175.32 KB 70 Download
V1.0 GT1625HT TDS 176.11 KB 50 Download
V1.0 GT1625HT TDS USA 175.67 KB 54 Download
V1.0 GT1629HT TDS 176.71 KB 44 Download
V0.9 GT8025HT TDS 176.13 KB 75 Download
V0.9 GT8025HT TDS USA 176.45 KB 41 Download
V1.0 MB30 TDS 140.43 KB 51 Download
V1.0 MF65 TDS 175.06 KB 103 Download
V1.1 Margel 580 TDS 159.46 KB 46 Download
V1.1 Margel 580 TDS USA 159.25 KB 48 Download
V1.1 Margel 595CUI TDS 219.98 KB 19 Download
V1.1 Margel 600CUF TDS 212.60 KB 25 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD PLUS Preformed TDS 250.87 KB 71 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD 100 TDS 214.54 KB 89 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD 100 TDS (USA) 215.17 KB 54 Download
V1.3 PROCLAD 150 TDS 289.46 KB 155 Download
V1.4 PROCLAD 150 TDS - COLORS (USA) 228.50 KB 85 Download
V1.1 PROCLAD 150 TDS - ALU / EMBOSSED (USA) 219.83 KB 33 Download
V1.2 PROCLAD 350 PLUS TDS 250.19 KB 75 Download
V1.2 PROCLAD 350 PLUS TDS (USA) 239.45 KB 80 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD PLUS Tape TDS 214.87 KB 51 Download
V1.0 PROCLAD T TDS 201.68 KB 71 Download
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