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Customer Story Highlights

ProTech Global Ltd. has a proud history of delivering a quality personalised service to our clients over a number of years, that reflects the reputation we are now gaining as being the supplier of choice to many leading brands in the Asbestos Abetement, Construction, HVAC, Process Plant, Marine & Offshore, and Oil & Gas sectors.

A customer testimonial is important to us as it assists us in improving our service and for potential customers allows them to see what existing and past customers thought of our products and services. Here are some testimonials we have received from customers about the service we provide.


builder, worker

As a company we always promote PROCLAD 150 on an open forum/British Standard Specification and will continue to do so

Richard Drew
Group Managing Director
Gill Insulation

  • For over 14 years I have known Steve Wyer as someone who introduces innovative products for the industry which have become market leaders due to their quality and long term performance qualities and the introduction of the Proclad150 range over 3 years ago continues along these lines.

    Proclad150 is our preferred multi-layered laminate for both external and internal applications as required and due to it’s unique outer layer we are able to use with confidence in a wide range of environmental situations that other alternatives products can’t be used and we have the confidence of high quality materials and long term performance.

    We will continue to promote the Proclad150 range on future work and work closely with Steve, Protech Global and their technical team.

    Dan Crawley
    Dan Crawley Director

  • I have known Steve Wyer for some 17 years now and he has always been innovative bringing forward the best products to meet internal and external requirements. We at Gill Insulation have been installing the Proclad 150 range since it was introduced.

    We us it on:

    • Rectangular Ductwork
    • Circular Ductwork
    • Pipework
    • Valves and Flanges

    As a company we always propose Proclad 150 on an open forum/British Standard Specification and will continue to do so.

    Gill and Protech have always partnered and will carry on going forward.

    Richard Drew
    Richard Drew Group Managing Director
  • GT30R Tape

    "A well thought out quality product, ProTech have managed to produce a cost effective solution with a superior sticking power even in damp conditions".

    Proclad 150

    “The default choice for a multi-layered laminate jacketing system. We have used Proclad 150 on numerous projects and have received nothing but positive feedback from both our clients and our site teams."

    Sam Mortimore
    Sam Mortimore Director

ProTech Global

Specialist Insulation Jacketing Solutions

Over the years, we’ve been able to build a reputation as one of the best independent company's in our industry, supplying premium weatherproof jacketing & insulation cladding systems, aluminium foil jointing adhesive tapes, and anti-corrosion control products across multiple markets. Those interested to work with us in any field relating to our work are encouraged to contact us by way of telephone or e-mail by using the contact form to obtain more information.


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