Jacketing PROCLAD PLUS™️ Preformed

Unbeatable advantages, health & safety benefits, ease of preparation and fast installation

PROCLAD PLUS™️ Preformed is an innovative insulation jacketing for both interior and exterior applications. PROCLAD PLUS™️ Preformed is the consistent further development of PVC and Alu jacketing making it the undisputed market leader in the plastic insulation covering. The proven multi-layer construction provides unprecedented features in technology and efficiency.

The key success factors of PROCLAD™️ and PROCLAD PLUS™️ Preformed are the ease of installation and machine free handling, combined with new high technological foil advancements, further developed and improved upon to provide a true economic alternative to current real metal jacketing systems.

For the application PROCLAD PLUS™ Preformed does not require expensive equipment or additional specialist training. A matching cutting table and the necessary tools and you can start immediately.

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Environmentally Responsible

  • PROCLAD PLUS™ Preformed does not use heavy metals
  • Free of ozone-depleting CFC and HCFC compounds
  • The material is almost [<0.5%] completely free of plasticizers
  • Can be used without any restriction in food processing plants
  • Free of silicones
  • Compliant for direct food contact
  • Fire rating EN 13501 & ASTM E 84
  • Long term protection and durability
  • Extends the serviceable life of infrastructure and lowers maintenance costs

PROCLAD PLUS™ Preformed Product Data

Item Value
Product Thickness 230, 280 microns
Tensile Impact Strength >285 newtons
Elongation at Break >35%
Puncture Resistance 110 newtons
Fire Rating EN2501, ASTM E 84
Impact Strength ≥400 kJ/m²
Tensile Strength >35 newtons
Sd Value ca. 1600
UV Testing 10 years plus
FLOI (Limiting Oxygen Index) 35%

Video Showcase

PROCLAD PLUS™ Preformed Information

Proclad Plus™ Preformed Range & Sizes

Name Colour Width(mm)
PROCLAD PLUS™️ Preformed Black Black 1000† & 1200†
PROCLAD PLUS™️ Preformed Silver (Alu) Silver 1000† & 1200†
PROCLAD PLUS™️ Preformed White Grey 1000† & 1200†

†Also available in adhesive form.

All rolls are available in 25m lengths

With over 500 elbow & T-sections available please contact us to discuss youre requirements.

Elbows & T sections
Various moulded 45° & 90° S & W elbows and T-sections available

Available as standard in silver. Black and white available by request.

For non stocked items please allow for 2 - 3 weeks delivery.

Proclad Plus™ Preformed Coverage

1 x 1000mm roll equates to 25m²
1 x 1200mm roll equates to 30m²

Proclad Plus™ Preformed Surface Preparation

Ensure all surfaces of Proclad Plus™ Preformed are dry and clean, free from dirt and dust, grease, oil and silicones. The insulation materials should be installed to industry standards and sealed using one of ProTech Global’s aluminum foil tapes, PROCLAD PLUS™️ 2 Ply Tape & PROCLAD PLUS™️ 4 Ply Tape.

Proclad Plus™ Preformed Installation Guidelines

When installing PROCLAD PLUS™️ Preformed first commence with the fitment of the moulded items i.e. 45° or 90° S or W bends and t-sections. For straight pipe sections, cut from the corresponding roll according to the section circumference. Use the guide rail of the cutter to assist in both attaining a clean-cut line as well as aiding in the reduction of waste.

Ensure there is sufficient product for a 25mm overlap on moulded bends and t-sections and for the circumference of the pipe section being fitted.

The inherent memory of the PROCLAD PLUS™️ Preformed product will aid in the quick installation by maintaining shape and gripping the underlying pipe section. Adjust as required and fix along the seams with either PVC nails (every 150mm) or continuously with the relevant 2 or 4 ply PROCLAD PLUS™️ adhesive tape.

Proclad Plus™ Preformed Method Statements

ProTech Global Ltd provides detailed method statements for use in various applications, and are available upon request. These must be referred to prior to commencing work.

Proclad Plus™ Preformed Related Products

Data Sheets & Downloads

Looking for a data sheet or an installation guide for our PROCLAD PLUS™ Preformed product range, then the following downloads might come in handy.

proclad preformed
proclad preformed
Technical Data Sheet UK PROCLAD PLUS™ Preformed233 Kb Download .pdf


PROCLAD PLUS™ Preformed Brochure               1.3 Mb Download .pdf

ProTech Global - PROCLAD™ Range

Premium Weatherproof Jacketing & Insulation Cladding Systems


PROCLAD™ - The Professionals Choice

The premium range of insulation cladding materials providing market leading solutions to weatherproofing of insulation materials on HVAC and industrial applications.

Premium Jacketing & weatherproof cladding with unbeatable advantages, low material cost, ease of preparation and fast installation.

Costs and resources are becoming increasingly expensive, PROCLAD™ is more favourable and less volatile than metals and metal sheeting and can be quickly and easily installed.

Innovation for outdoor installations

PROCLAD™ is an innovative insulation jacketing solution for both internal and external use, with PROCLAD350™ PLUS being the consistent further development of PVC and Alu jacketing making it the undisputed market leader in plastic insulation coverings. The proven multi-layer construction provides unprecedneted features in technolgoy and efficiency.

The key success factors of PROCLAD150™ and PROCLAD350™ PLUS are the ease of installation and machine free handling, that combined with new high technological foil make it an economic, hard wearing, long lasting alternative to the current real metal jacketing systems widely in use today.

PROCLAD™ Showcase Video

Perfect Appearance & Economic Benefits

PROCLAD350™ PLUS differs particularly by its metallic appearance to other PVC sheathings. Especially thanks to the intermediate layer of pure aluminium. A layer of an extremely durable UV protrective film protects the middle layer of aluminium from harmful external influences and corrosion, this gaurantees that functionality and appearance are maintined in the long run.

Dents and indentations are a thing of the past with PROCLAD350™ PLUS. The memory effect provides a great advantage upon installation, even after months of construction it will remain in top condition. The curling effect completes a perfect, clean and fast installation.

Our clients say

  • As a company we always propose PROCLAD150™ on an open forum/British Standard Specification and will continue to do so.

    Gill and ProTech have always partnered and will carry on going forward.

    Richard Drew
    Richard Drew Group Managing Director
  • Proclad150 is our preferred multi-layered laminate for both external and internal applications as required and due to it’s unique outer layer we are able to use with confidence in a wide range of environmental situations that other alternatives products can’t be used and we have the confidence of high quality materials and long term performance.

    Dan Crawley
    Dan Crawley Director
  • GT30R - "A well thought out quality product, ProTech have managed to produce a cost effective solution with a superior sticking power even in damp conditions"

    Sam Mortimore
    Sam Mortimore Director

PROCLAD™ - Quick View

Available Colours

Both PROCLAD150™ & PROCLAD350™ PLUS are available in:
Embossed (silver)

Available Sizes

Both PROCLAD150™ & PROCLAD350™ PLUS are available in 600, 1000 and 1200 mm roll widths

PROCLAD150™ comes in 50m roll lengths
PROCLAD350™350 PLUS comes in 25m roll lengths

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