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Margel Corrosion Inhibitors & Anti-Corrosion Products

Specialising in corrosion protection, ProTech Global offers a range of corrosion inhibitor products for the protection of concrete, steel and other ferrous materials.

ProTech Global’s Margel suite of corrosion inhibitor products has been created to halt the decay of corrosion commonly witnessed in CUI (corrosion under insulation) and embedded material (reinforced concrete) use cases.

We manufacture and supply many industries with corrision inhibitor products, from the construction and concrete repair industry, oil and gas, ship building, pipeline repair, automotive and anywhere else there may be a corrosion issue. Both in the UK and Europe Margel is the market leading corrosion inhibiting product and is licensed and sold by SIKA in their portfolio since 2015.


We deliver on time.

We are a leading manufacturer of Margel; corrosion inhibitor products in the UK. Fully understanding the need to adhere to demanding deadlines, we are committed to deliver inline with agreed expectations.


We work with you.

ProTech Global will work with you to determine which anti-corrosion application is right for the project at hand, with a particular focus on achieving long-term value for our clients.


Margel 580

Margel 580

Margel 580

Margel VPI 580 is a patented vapour phase corrosion inhibitor which is inserted inside steel embedded concrete structural elements in close proximity to the reinforced steel. The product has been developed to ensure the corrosion inhibitors are released over a period of 12-48 months.

Margel 595CUI

Margel 595CUI

Margel 595CUI

Margel® 595CUI is unique corrosion inhibitor for the protection of steel pipe surfaces from corrosion under insulation. Designed to be installed directly onto the surface of pipes fitted with insulation materials, Margel® 595CUI is cost effective solution to corrosion problems in industry the world over.

Margel 600CUF

Margel 600CUF

Margel 600CUF

Margel® VPI 600CUF is uniquely formulated corrosion inhibitor to be applied as a liquid/gel format for easy insertion behind Fire Protection coverings. The twin-pack system utilises static mixer nozzles that evenly mix the components in a 1:1 ratio allowing injection into holes of diameter 10mm.

margel anti-corrosion products

ProTech Global

Specialist Insulation Jacketing Solutions

Over the years, we’ve been able to build a reputation as one of the best independent company's in our industry, supplying premium weatherproof jacketing & insulation cladding systems, aluminium foil jointing adhesive tapes, and anti-corrosion control products across multiple markets. Those interested to work with us in any field relating to our work are encouraged to contact us by way of telephone or e-mail by using the contact form to obtain more information.


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