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Corrosion Protection

Margel VPI 580®

Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor for Reinforced Concrete Structures

Margel VPI 580® is a patented vapour phase corrosion inhibitor which is inserted inside concrete structural elements close to the reinforcing steel. The product has been specifically developed to ensure the corrosion inhibitors are released over a period of 12-48 months. This results in a well bonded layer of corrosion inhibitor around the reinforcing steel resulting in a passivated protective layer that reduces exposure to chlorides, water and oxygen.

Margel VPI 580® is a complex blend of Vapour Phase Inhibitors which tackles the problem of reinforcement corrosion by a unique three-pronged approach.

Margel VPI 580® is supplied in a 10ml (8g) hermetically sealed cartridge. Each cartridge contains a blend of all three active ingredients and should be installed by a Margel approved contractor to the exact dosage recommended by the manufacturer.

Technical advice should be sought in the identification and specification of problems associated with reinforcement corrosion in concrete.

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Characteristics / Advantages

Please find below the key characteristics of our Margel VPI 580® product. For more information and enquiries please get in touch.

  • 25 year track record
  • Proven technology with no history of failure
  • Easy instalation with no preparartion requirements
  • Long term protection durability
  • Renewable solution
  • Meets environmental guidelines - extending the serviceable life of infrastructure and lowers maintenance costs

Margel VPI 580® Product Data

  • Supplied in boxes of 100 x 10ml (8g) cartridges
  • Manufactured and supplied from the UK, shipping worldwide
  • Storage: store between 5 ºC and 40 ºC under shade in a dry environment
  • Shelf life: 24 months, when stored in accordance with guidelines

Product Uses

Margel VPI 580® is used in reinforced concrete structure that have started to show signs of corrosion activity or in structures that have been repaired at which the adjacent concrete will be subject to corrosion from the ‘ring anode’ effect.

Margel VPI 580® Information

Product Range & Sizes

Supplied in boxes of 100 x 10 ml (8 g) cartridges


1 cartridge per 0.5 m² or 2 cartridges per m² (minimum)

Shelf Life

24 months when stored between 5 ºC and 40°C under shade in a dry environment


Manufactured and supplied from the UK, we can ship anywhere in the world

Test Results

Extensive test results are available on request.

Data Sheets & Downloads

Looking for a data sheet or an installation guide for our Margel VPI 580® product range, then the following downloads might come in handy.

Technical Data Sheet Margel VPI 580® UK156 Kb Download .pdf
Technical Data Sheet Margel VPI 580® US159 Kb Download .pdf

Corrosion Inhibitor margel580 concrete corrosion

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