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Jacketing Solutions


The Long Lasting Premium Weatherproof Jacketing System

PROCLAD150™ is the premium multi-layered laminate jacketing system, which provides a weatherproof cladding and jacketing system to insulated duct and pipe systems. The 6-ply laminate has a zero-perm rating to prevent moisture ingress and with increased strength and UV resistance, PROCLAD150™ provides a market leading weatherproof premium jacketing solution. The technically advanced adhesive being solvent free for safe environmentally conscious use, is capable of being applied in wet/humid conditions at extremes of temperatures (-30˚C to +130˚C).

  • proclad150 black
  • proclad150 emb
  • proclad150 grey
  • proclad150 silver
  • proclad150 white
  • proclad150 zrange
  • proclad150 black
  • proclad150 emb
  • proclad150 grey
  • proclad150 silver
  • proclad150 white
  • proclad150 zrange


Please find below the key characteristics of our PROCLAD150™ premium weatherproof jacketing product. For more information and enquiries please get in touch.

  • External & internal applications
  • Proven UV resistance, 10 years+
  • Increased puncture resistance
  • Salt water resistant
  • Resistant to a range of chemicals
  • Compliant for direct food contact
  • BS 476 parts 6&7: Class’O’
  • Long term protection and durability
  • Extends the serviceable life of infrastructure and lowers maintenance costs

PROCLAD150™ Product Data

Item Value
Product Thickness 150 microns
Tensile Strength >200 newtons
Elongation >60%
Water Permeability 0.00 g/m2/d
Puncture Resistance >100 newtons
Service Temperature -40˚C to +140˚C
Application Temperature -30˚C to +130˚C
Emissivity Value 0.03 to 0.84/td>
UV Testing 10 years plus
Fire Rating Class ‘0’
B-s1 d0
Annex1: Part 5

PROCLAD Video Showcase

PROCLAD150™ Information

PROCLAD150™ Product Range & Sizes

Name Colour Width(mm)
PROCLAD 150B Black 600, 1000† & 1200†
PROCLAD 150EMB Silver 600, 1000† & 1200†
PROCLAD 150G Grey 600, 1000† & 1200†
PROCLAD 150S Silver 600, 1000† & 1200†
PROCLAD 150W White 600, 1000† & 1200†

†Available in both adhesive and non-adhesive form.

All rolls are available in 50m lengths

PROCLAD150™ Jacketing Coverage

1 x 600mm roll equates to 30m²
1 x 1000mm roll equates to 50m²
1 x 1200mm roll equates to 60m²

Weatherproof Jacketing Surface Preparation

Ensure all surfaces are dry and clean, free from dirt and dust, grease, oil and silicones. The insulation materials should be installed to industry standards and sealed using one of ProTech Global’s aluminum foil tapes, GT30HT™ or GTR55™.

PROCLAD150™ Cladding Application

When applying PROCLAD150™️ ensure that the correct pressure is applied using the plastic

When applying PROCLAD150™️ ensure that the correct pressure is applied using the plastic applicator (provided) as the adhesive is a PSA and requires a firm application to provide a full surface bond.

When placing the cut piece of PROCLAD150™️ in to position, partially peel back the liner to allow correct positioning and then rub down, continue to peel back the liner whilst pressing in to place using the hand to prevent creasing, once the full piece has been applied use the plastic applicator and rub the complete surface to ensure the full adhesive bond required.

Continue to apply PROCLAD150™️ ensuring that a minimum 75mm overlap is observed to the previous piece to ensure a strong weatherproof seal.

PROCLAD150™ Method Statements

ProTech Global Ltd provides detailed method statements for use in various applications, and are available upon request. These must be referred to prior to commencing work.

PROCLAD150™ Cladding Related Products

PROCLAD150™ Data Sheets & Downloads

Looking for a data sheet or an installation guide for our PROCLAD150™ weatherproof jacketing product range, then the following downloads might come in handy.

Technical Data Sheet UK PROCLAD150™          233 Kb Download .pdf
Technical Data Sheet US PROCLAD150™ Colors231 Kb Download .pdf

Technical Data Sheet US PROCLAD150™ Alu/Emb231 Kb Download .pdf

Brochures & Guides

PROCLAD Antibacterial Brochure426 Kb Download .pdf
Installation Guide164 Kb Download .pdf

PROCLAD150 Cladding & Jacketing Weatherproof jacketing

ProTech Global

Specialist Insulation Jacketing Solutions

Over the years, we’ve been able to build a reputation as one of the best independent company's in our industry, supplying premium weatherproof jacketing & insulation cladding systems, aluminium foil jointing adhesive tapes, and anti-corrosion control products across multiple markets. Those interested to work with us in any field relating to our work are encouraged to contact us by way of telephone or e-mail by using the contact form to obtain more information.


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