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ProTech Global Ltd was established in 2016 to supply a specialist range of innovative products to provide weather proof jacketing to insulated systems across a wide range of industries including HVAC and the process industry.

We also supply a range of innovative solutions to help control corrosion within Construction, HVAC, Process and Marine markets. Please contact us for more information on any of these areas.


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ProClad-150 is the premium multi-layered laminate system, which provides a weatherproof cladding and jacketing system to insulated duct and pipe systems.

The 6 ply laminate has a zero perm rating to prevent moisture ingress and with increased strength and UV resistance, PROCLAD150 provides a market leading solution.

protechglobal proclad plus


ProClad Plus is an innovative insulation jacketing for outdoor use. ProClad Plus is the consistent further development of PVC and Alu jacketing making it the undisputed market leader in the plastic insulation covering. The proven multi-layer construction provides unprecedented features in technology and efficiency.

Adhesive Tapes.

We supply a large selection of tapes for use in conjunction with ProClad-150 and ProClad-PLUS.

Other tapes we supply offer properties such as Vapour-sealing, humidity resistance, and the ability to work in both extreme hot and cold environments.

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